Saturday Afternoon

So this is what I did with my Saturday afternoon. I should have been editing photos because I have three big sets to go through but instead I decided to play around with the podcast features of Garage Band. I had mused on the idea of creating an enhanced podcast kind of going along with the idea of my themes at the photoblog, but I hadn't really thought it through very much. I didn't think it through today either which will be pretty obvious.

This is an experiment in so many ways. I haven't used Garage Band at all except for a brief tester when it first came out. I quickly decided it was too much for my little old Powerbook so I haven't used it since. I luckily found some very basic tutorials that got me up and running.

I wasn't sure if the idea of basically thumbing through a picture book would work and I still don't. I didn't really prepare anything ahead of time and boy can you tell. Part of it is my natural speaking style as I discovered here (haha.. just listened to that again... yep.. i still talk that way) and part of it was not having any kind of action plan or focus.

Just like last time I had fun in the editing portion, but basically learning a new program by trial and error is a lot of work. I made mistakes and when I tried to correct them I made things even worse. I think by the end I figured out most of the mistakes and if I were to do it again it would go faster. Of course there is also a lot I don't know like why the images are so small in this player and at the libsyn link.

I approached it as if it was a regular feature at The Bayou City Wanderer and who knows, it may be that. Right now it is a duplication of material already posted there, but the idea would be to have some of these as podcasts instead of photo posts. I don't know. I still don't know who would sit down and actually watch this, but then again I don't know who would sit down and actually read this blog either so there you go.

Let me know what you think (it runs 6 minutes). Unless it is about the choppy editing, the long pauses, the Texan accent, the pops on the mike or my stuttering speech. I already know about all that!

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