This week

Just a brief note to say.... CONTEST WEEK. We take three choirs on Thursday and one on Friday. I've tried really hard not to let contest dominate my downtime. In the past I would have probably stayed in the weekend before contest and just hid in my apartment, but I was out and very busy. I'm going to try really hard not to stay too late at work and while I'm there to get some projects done that are non-contest related.

I was so exhausted and burnt out at the end of last week that I couldn't get anything done on my Friday conference period. I felt like a runner coming around the corner, seeing the finish line and running out of steam. It was a long and stressful week. I think the weekend has restored some of that energy because now we are down to final rehearsals and I feel ready to face them. Thanks to TAKS testing and block scheduling I see each of my contest choirs only one more time before Thursday (except the boys who have two and boy do they need it).

Brain Dump

State Fair and Rodeo