Calvin and Hobbes (and xkcd)

I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. I have all the comic books and even though this is a repeat of everything I have, I would love to have this complete collection. I was so sad when Calvin and Hobbes ended and I even have the newspaper (you know.... from the old days.... paper and ink) of the last Calvin and Hobbes. I'd own everything Calvin and Hobbes if Bill Watterson allowed merchandising, but he doesn't so I respect that. Although I'm tempted this morning to switch my icon on my social networking sites to Calvin. Or Hobbes. They are both wonderful. So you can imagine my reaction this morning when I saw this comic from xkcd. My love of xkcd is well known around here, but this just raises it up a notch. The bottom half is just like every philosophical downhill conversation Calvin and Hobbes ever had except since it is xkcd it is going uphill. Perfect way to start this Friday.

(Click the picture or here for a bigger version)

Time will tell

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