My city

I saw this theme first over at Sarah's blog and loved it. I knew it was a Movable Type theme, but after a few half hearted searches I knew that I wasn't going to be able to bring it over to TypePad, at least with my lack of design knowledge. Then TypePad started adding more and more designs and they brought in four citycapes, none of them Houston. And tonight? Ta-da. They added about 12 new cities and thankfully Houston is among them. I love the banner especially that it has a little space shuttle since I am such a NASA fan. The only thing I don't like is the green background page, but I'll get used to it. Hooray for my hometown!

As an aside... what is your definition of hometown? I feel like I really should say that Harlingen is my hometown since that is where I grew up, but I live and make my home in Houston. So is that my hometown? What do you think?

UPDATE: How can you feel anything but sorry for me. I obviously have some kind of weird design problem. One thing I think I'm realizing is that I like the more minimalist look and sadly the cityscape was not it. I'm still not happy with my choices, but this will have to do. Subject to change.


Time will tell