Recent days in sentences of two

My room at work is so cold that it is causing muscle tension. I bought an electric massager to help me out and it is great although it would even better if I had a someone else to operate it on me.

Because I'm feeling so cold an tense when I leave work I can't enjoy the beautiful weather. I just want to get in to somewhere warm.

This week hasn't been any easier even though contest is over. I'm particularly annoyed with teachers who don't have their act together, then get in a huff when the are called on it.

I went to a lecture on Monday. It was a dual presentation with a photographer who shoots Arctic photography and the planetarium movie, the Night of the Titanic.

There is something that is so fascinating to me about the Titanic. I get chills every time I watch stories about it.

It feels really wrong to me when people take off from work to go do personal things like vacations, etc. I blame my mom who was also a teacher and routinely had perfect attendance.

I finally got an updated version of Photoshop Elements for my new laptop. I am now officially moved over to the Macbook.

I like this design, but I think it might be a little hard to read. I'm sure I will change it in a few days anyway.

I have a feeling that my birthday is going to be more sad than happy. That is all.