MP13: Teapot (Tempest in a ...)


No fun stories this time. Why does everyone have to act like they are still in high school? Maybe I'm just not made for social media. I think that I should be able to manage my social media contacts the way that best works for me and not by some strange online peer pressure. I don't think I should have to add you as a contact because you add me and if I drop you it doesn't mean that I don't like you. It means I'm trying to control my content.

But apparently this isn't how the online world works. If I don't add you as a contact or if I change my contacts around I'm a horrible person and either a.) everyone in your little clique stops talking to me as happened in November or b.) you call me out in front of the world for dropping you as a contact even though I am the first comment on your photo.

I probably shouldn't blog when I'm mad/upset, but I don't know how to interact with people anymore. I either have to conform to the way people want me to and lose my enjoyment of the social media services or do things the way I want and apparently piss everybody off and have no friends. Oh wait, that one's already happened. Oh well.

Photo information: Teapot at the San Jacinto Monument Museum.

PS. I'll probably stick with this new blog design for a while. I like it. Of course now that I said that they will probably release a whole bunch of new ones that I will want to play with.

Moonrise over San Jacinto

San Jacinto in 30 seconds