Looking back through time

I went to a book signing this evening for the newly released, Houston Deco: Modernistic Architecture of the Texas Coast. I love architecture, art deco and as an added bonus, I know one of the authors, Jim Parsons.

The signing was held at the Sloane Gallery on Fondren and it was a terrific discovery for me. The gallery owner, Story Sloane, acquired a collection of vintage photographs of Houston and they are magnificent. If anyone ever wanted to get me something really nice, I would happily take one of his reproductions.

There is something about these photos, peering back through time to a place that I have come to know and love, that literally makes me misty eyed. My favorite photos were from downtown Houston, but anyone who knows me should know that downtown is my favorite place to photograph in all of Houston.

Hands down my very favorite photo was of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This will mean more to local residents than anyone else, but check out this link and scroll down towards the bottom. See the photo that says Main Street looking north. That's the MFAH. Isn't that amazing! AMAZING! One day I *will* own that photo. You can't see it on that page, but in the large size at the gallery you can see the Houston skyline in the background and you can see that the Gulf building is still under construction. Stuff like that makes me all gooey inside.

I'm a history nerd I guess, but as I listened to the wise people this evening, who knew so much about Houston and it's history and architecture, I knew that I had a LONG way to go before I catch up to them. In fact I'm not sure if I ever WILL catch up to them, but this book will be a start. All this to say, if you like Houston and you like architecture go buy Jim's book.

My birthday wish