Link Love

While trying to catch up with my news reader (I cut and cut and cut and yet I turn around it is suddenly up in the hundreds again... too many interesting people in the world) I ran across these interesting links. Go give them a read.

A brain of one's own at By the Bayou.
I was going to write something like this and I even took a picture for it, but his is much better.

Journeyman at Geese Aplenty. One of the most consistently funny blogs around and this post on planning a vacation is no exception.

Sweet singing in the choir at Moonscape found via ChoraBlog. An excellent description of the work it takes to sing in a choir. Now try teaching some of those disciplined concepts to middle school kids.

I know why Van Gogh went crazy by Bayou Dawn.
Bayou Dawn is one of my new discoveries and is from right here in Houston. Any allergy sufferer will appreciate this post

Coming Soon: People at Work - Circus at The Thing of the Moment.
Yesterday I commented on Twitter that festivals are hard for me because I am not aggressive enough. Nothing like my friend Jeff who just wanders into the hall holding the circus and wanders around taking pictures waiting for someone to tell him to leave. No one ever does.

MP14: I bought me a hat

My birthday wish