One Week

I started working on my checklist, more on that later, and decided that I wanted to add a Checklist category so I can keep up with things. Otherwise I'd forget.

Then I started thinking of some other things I wanted to try out and while at first I thought I would add them to my checklist, I've decided instead to kind of make them their own thing. The checklist is specific and broad and I want to leave it the way it is. But I started thinking about things I wanted to try and experiment with and thus we have "One Week."

It started with the thought that I wanted to go one week without eating at any chain restaurant. Then it jumped to one week where I don't eat out at all. Then I really started thinking that I can do almost anything for one week especially this summer. No TV, no sodas, go to bed early, walk in the morning, go for a swim, read book for an hour a day, the imagination starts flying. I'm going to say now I will not survive without internet so that's off the table.

The idea of doing some of these things is a little scary especially if I'm documenting it for the whole world to see if I fail (the whole world known as my 7 readers), but I'll refer you back to the Eleanor Roosevelt quote from the last post. So Checklist and One Week, let's see where it takes me. What would you change for one week?

P.S. 36 is kinda cool so far.

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