MP15: One day blurs into another

It's been a long week in a string of long weeks. The end of the school year is always a hectic time. When I came back from spring break I sat down and made a separate checklist for every activity that we had between March and the end of the school year. Once I was done I had 11 sheets of paper full of things to do. Above that I put the giant number 10 as a countdown for how many weeks we had left in school. I should have taken a picture of it; it was quite an impressive sight. It stopped people in their tracks when they came into my office. Now we are on week 4, soon to be week 3, and the sheets are starting to come off the wall at an accelerated rate.

It is a good feeling, but being organized doesn't stop me from having long, late nights like I did tonight (left work at 8 pm) or having weeks like this week where I had something every single day after school and a big field trip tomorrow. Every day blurs into the next, all one long march to the last day of the school year. Between now and that beautiful day I have two major field trips, a competition, a performance, two rehearsals, a concert, a party where the kids will throw a pie at me, end of year grades and district inventory inspection. All in the next threeish weeks.

This is my office. My reflection is in the glass from my window that looks out into the choir room. You can see bits and pieces from the room like the flag and the column of light near my face which is actually a door across my room that opens to a hallway. Click the photo to see some notes I've added on the Flickr page.

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