Flickr and The Crab

The Crab

This sculpture has special Flickr significance for me and I think about it every time I see it. Set the wayback machine to June 2005 (ok... not THAT way back). I had a photo of Alexander Calder's "The Crab" on my photoblog and a professor in Ireland contacted me asking to use it on his educational blog (wish I could find the link). I agreed and as a thank you he sent me an invite to this thing called Flickr. I signed up right away, looked around, uploaded 3 photos and then didn't use it again.

Jump ahead to January of 2006 when I needed to find a better way for members to share photos at the Houston Photobloggers website and I decided to use Flickr. I had to dig in and learn all about it so I could manage the group and I remember clearly thinking at the time that I would only be on there to manage the photobloggers group. Otherwise, I just didn't get Flickr.

My how things have changed. I have a tumultuous relationship with Flickr sometimes, trying to find a way to balance Flickr with my photoblog and learning to interact with the people who congregate there (especially hard for someone who until a few years ago didn't really interact with anybody). So I still curse Flickr one day and totally adore it the next. I wish I could thank that professor. Little did he know how that simple invitation would have such a significant impact on who I am today.


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