Brain dump! Brain dump! Brain dump!

This is sad.

The hat from iFest may not be viable. It has a canvas crown and my head feels really hot under there. I used a different hat today and I think that one is better.

There was nothing restful about this weekend. Friday I was hot all day at Splashtown. Saturday I was hot all day at Art Car festivities and Sunday I was hot part of the day with a Heights walking tour.

Hey, it's hot!

Saturday rocked anyway because I got to spend it with Randy!

I got a new lens and I think I may love it. I haven't looked at the photos yet so I'll let you know. This is my first real lens purchase because I'm way too poor to be a photographer. What the hell was I thinking taking up this hobby.

This has made me sad. I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it through gracefully when I am faced with the same issues. And I wish I wouldn't think about it.

Going to use the rest of my rebate to get a laptop bag. Want another lens, but I actually need a bag for my new Macbook.

I always told myself in my head that I would be more aggressive about my photography once I got this lens which should shoot well in low light. Now's the time. Let's see if I follow through on my random thoughts.

Wish I could live in a sweet little Heights bungalow.

Reading Inkheart and looking forward to The Eyre Affair and Here There Be Dragons. Getting on a reading kick just in time for summer. Awesome.

My apartment is shameful.

Way behind on emails. I'll catch up soon (I hope!)

Art Car Memorial

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