Dream Hangover

I have a dream hangover. Every once in a long while I will have a dream with a mystery man, never someone I know, that is so real I have a dream hangover for a few hours after I wake up. I know the brain must be playing a part in activating nerve endings because every touch feels so real. These particular dreams are always so sensual. It is usually passing touches, the kind of thing that a couple may do in public so as not to have "get a room" shouted at them, but to make a connection. That constant need to touch, hold hands, fleeting glances, light brushes. Thinking back to my most intense relationship, touch was a very big part of it (he spoiled me for anyone else I think). And then there is always the moment where I start swimming to consciousness and no matter how much I fight it I can't stop. Then I'm awake and want nothing more but to go back to sleep to my dream man, but once I've come awake he never comes back and only exists in my fleeting memories.


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