The 8th graders sing a goodbye song every year at the end of my spring concert. Usually at some point in the weeks before the concert, I start crying while we are rehearsing as I look out at the faces that I have known for the past three years. Funny thing is this year I just haven't felt it. I'm sure it will come Tuesday night at the concert, but I've been fine in class and today I actually wondered if I would make it through the whole process without crying.

Then I went to the high school choir concert. As part of the choreography of one of the choir's selections, the seniors left the group to stand on one side of the stage. It was very moving as I looked at that group of kids that I've known since they were 11 years old and that's when the waterworks started (magnified by a slideshow at the end of all the graduating seniors). This class is one of the first ones that really got close to us, a group that really cared about being in choir, and I am so very proud of them.

And now I wonder what will happen tomorrow at school. Will I cry during the goodbye song? Has a crack appeared in the wall? We shall see.

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