I can't believe I did it, but I did! I caught up with Battlestar Galactica. I started watching the series more than a year ago using Netflix, but I wasn't in any big hurry. Then there was the long gap after season 3 and I figured that would be a really good time to catch up, but I just didn't feel an urgency since the season 3 discs weren't out and the series wasn't picking back up until April. And then all of a sudden everything came to a head. The series started up again, the DVDs came out for season 3 and it was getting much harder to avoid spoilers as evidenced by my trip to the doctor.

I started recording season 4 on my DVR and made a concerted effort the last few weeks. This all would have been much easier if NBC hadn't pulled shows off of iTunes. I would have happily paid NBC money to buy those shows. I had accidentally deleted the first episode of season 4 so I knew I was going to have to look online for that episode. It occurred to me today that I could get caught up today if I found a good internet source for the few episodes I didn't have on disc or DVR and that's just what I did.

I used a combination of Netflix, internet and DVR to watch about 14 episodes. Definitely mainlining as Michael from Slice of Sci Fi calls it. A long day, but I feel a great freedom now. No worries about spoilers. Now I can read articles without fear, listen to podcasts without skipping sections and even go to watch parties. Not that I would go to parties, but I *could*. It feels great. Next up: Heroes and Firefly.

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