Fragmented thoughts on a shopping trip

- I have no will power since I just told my co-worker at lunch that I needed to save my money and instead I spent the evening shopping.

- I am a gloss girl. Unfortunately to learn that I had to spend money on two tubes of lipstick. I haven't used lipstick in years, but thought I would want something a little more substantial than gloss. Nope. Way too dark, too heavy, too scary. Almost every shade of gloss that I buy (Bare Escentuals is my brand) looks good on me. One lipstick choice and it looked like a hooker shade. And trust me it wasn't that dark in the tube. Gloss it is!

- I was trapped in a section of Half Price Books listening to the most INANE conversation. I should have been happy that the young 20 somethings were so into reading, but oh my god. It was just.... inane. There is no other word to describe it. It takes some work to turn a discussion on books into something that makes me want to flee the bookstore.

- As I'm writing I am currently stuffed with croissants. I had my first chocolate croissant on Saturday and since La Madeleine was in the area I got some to take home. Funny thing is I also got a regular croissant and ate that first. Mistake. Now I'm full. I guess these will hold until tomorrow morning.

- I'm weird, but I don't like compilations. I was on a search for the Brust book recommended by Solburn. I saw that Amazon had the first book in the series, but only in one big book that included three books in total. For some reason that is a turn off for me. It's ironic though because my first reading of the Myth Adventures was from just such a book. I'll keep searching the used book stores for the single book. I'll give in eventually if I can't find it.

- As I was leaving Bookstop (I went to several bookstores) I saw a complete tool in the parking lot. He parked his porsche sideways over about three spaces so that no one could park near him. I so wanted to pull a Fried Green Tomatoes.

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