The Aftermath

Caroline Collective

The Spread 2 Stickers Black and White Courtyard Caroline 2

Photos are up from last night's bash. Probably a record in photo processing for me. I used to sit on photos for weeks and now they are up in a matter of hours. Or at least this set is.

I survived although I hopefully won't have to be in that same situation again. The anchorless thing was the biggest problem, aimlessly floating from conversation to conversation, not really having anyone to talk to for longer than a few minutes. I felt awkward most of the evening. Mixing and mingling is definitely not my forte.

And although I am happy with some of my shots and I think I actually got a pretty good theme out of it for, I know now that this kind of event photography is not for me. I think you need to be able to mix and mingle AND not care if people are wondering why you are taking pictures of sandwiches.


The Expected Path