Talk about last minute. I have known about Eddie Izzard hitting town today and tomorrow for months, talked about it in passing with my co-worker (I need to figure out a snazzy blog name for her), but nothing every really came of it. I finally just decided to let it go and not go. But then I got a text message this afternoon. She had got a ticket, was going by herself and urged me to get one too. I was already in town so a hop, skip and a jump and I was at the box office buying my ticket

[tangent]I got my first parking ticket ever because I can't read a sign and I'm an idiot. Sigh. [/tangent]

I'm much more of the plan every single thing out to the tiniest detail variety so this spontaneous thing is quite out of character. But I know it will be fun because I love Eddie Izzard. He is funny as hell. I also debated for a few minutes about what I should wear, but does it really matter when you are in the nose bleed section? I've decided no.

I know I have talked about him before but here is a clip of him talking about the Death Star Canteen. Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp69rg6Hdlo&hl=en]

UPDATE: Photo from the after concert Q&A session. Look how close I got!
Eddie Izzard

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