MP17: Multiple Me

Multiple Me

It's been three and a half weeks since my last mirror project. Way too long! This is in the Da Vinci exhibit at HMNS. I saw this room in someone's photo stream at Flickr and knew that it had to be a mirror project. I mean a room full of mirrors? How can you not!

It was very dark in there hence the blurry image. Since I am spending my summer at the museum I could go in and retake it, but I'm not sure how to combat the dim lighting other than dragging in a tripod which I doubt I can do. Times like this I wish I had a camera with a higher ISO. I don't feel comfortable pushing the XT past 400.

I won't even discuss seeing myself at all different angles! But it has been so long since I posted a mirror project that I ran with it anyway. Hopefully I can get myself back on the once a week track.

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