Shopping Trip

In a quest to get healthier I recently decided to make a concerted effort to eat more fruit and vegetables. I always have them on my list, but I as previously mentioned I would gravitate instead towards candy bars, cakes, cookies, etc. I knew that I would be able to control it a little better during the summer (no vending machine outside my apartment like there is outside my classroom).

A few weeks ago I made my weeklyish trip to Kroger with the full intention of stocking up, but the selection was appalling. I've noticed over the last few months that the quality of the produce section at my local store has been sliding. I was complaining about this to my co-worker (who still needs a snazzy blog name) and she told me to go to the Fiesta in the area.

Fiesta? That never occurred to me. The Fiesta looks a little run down compared to the shiny Kroger Signature store by my house. But I had popped in there earlier to get some cookies and the inside seemed clean and bright so I thought I would give it a try.

Let's check out the produce section.


Whoa! Score! Now I'm not looking for Central Market levels. Just something that I can consistently find something edible. This will definitely work. And not only that, but they had lots of stuff that I don't normally see like yucca root, plantains and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't remember.

They aren't kidding about the International Food. It takes up a full three aisles of the store with so many selections, I had to stop taking pictures otherwise I would have been snapping every three feet. Of course my Kroger doesn't sell washers, dryers, TVs or clothing. By this point I was wondering what the heck kind of store Fiesta was. Much more than a grocery store. It also had a taqueria and an amazing seafood market with LIVE catfish and tilapia just waiting to give their lives for your evening meal. I don't like fish so I probably won't be back there much, but they also had lots of choices in shrimp and that I do like.

Kroger has a much better meat department. That is negated some for me since I use Village Table. I needed some things that they did not have at Fiesta (low acid orange juice, specialty butter) and Fiesta's frozen section doesn't quite have the selection of Kroger, but it will work. I will probably alternate between the two. And let's not forget their slogan: Fiesta, lower food prices. It is probably in my imagination since I don't have exact numbers, but it feels like I got a lot of stuff for less than I would have paid at Kroger.


And one final note. All these photos were taken with my iPhone. This was its first real test to capture things that I would have normally taken with my compact camera. I think it did pretty well. It was a pain to have to unlock and reactivate each time and it certainly is not good for quickly moving subjects, but it gets the job done.

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