The Last Ticket

14 years in the making. I have entered the last ticket in my musicals/events book. It is one of those photo albums with the peel back pages as you can see.

The first ticket was for Will Rogers Follies in September 1994. I saw that while I was in San Antonio for my student teaching. I went to a few shows before that when I was growing up and in college, but this marked the beginning of my adult life and my love affair with musicals. The Will Rogers Follies still ranks as one of my all time favorite shows. The music, the costumes and the dancing are all superb.

One of the coolest things I went to is shown on this page. The grand opening of the Hobby Center in May 2002. The building wasn't even completely finished, in fact the performers donned hard hats at one point. I got to hear the fabulous Shirley Jones and the wonderful James Naughton. Boy can he sing. The night was a tribute to Richard Rodgers. I'm glad I got to celebrate the opening of this building since I spend most of my time and money here when viewing live performances. It was such a great night.

The last ticket belongs to Eddie Izzard. June 2008. Time for a new book. I wonder where I will be when I add the last ticket to book number 2.

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