A Day in the Life

I participated in today's A Day in the Life Flickr group. The idea was to take pictures throughout the day to document, well, a day in the life. Of course I forgot to charge my compact camera which I had planned to use throughout the day so I had to use my iPhone's camera (which are why the photos are noisy).

A large part of any of my day, especially my summer days, are spent in front of the computer which is in front of the TV. The computer is resting on a tray table so I can feed my internet addiction and have my old TV addiction playing in the background. It's sad I know, but what can I say. I have no life!

Mid-day I went to the museum for some volunteer work. I again spent the time in the gold panning section. Not my favorite thing to do, but they need the help in that section and I know how to do it. In fact after only a few hours I was already a mentor to a volunteer who was brand new.

After that I stopped by the Dessert Gallery because I was having a craving for yellow cake and chocolate frosting (which is my favorite). I came home and heated up my leftovers from dinner last night with Shuttersam and Diginee (and discovered they sent some of their leftovers home with me... oops!). Then I settled back down in front of the TV for some Firefly and now some Closer while I also started going through my newsreader. All in all a pretty quiet day for me, but that is how they all are.

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