I just got back from Sex and the City. I came to the party late with this television series. I was one of those people that said the same things all the cynics say. Why would I want to watch a show about beautiful people living in high fashion when I am neither of those things? Why would I want to watch a show about living in a fabulous city, having lots of sex, and living the party life style when I don't do any of those things? As devotees of the show know, it is more than that. It is more than the random glimpses I would see while flipping by or the clips I would see on TV. The show had heart and it spoke truth in so many ways. Since I came late to the show I caught up with Netflix (what would I do without Netflix!). There were so many times when I would watch a show and think I've been there, I've felt that way, I'm doing that right now! About love, work, life, friendship.

The movie was all of the same and I loved it. It's not perfect, there were times when it dragged, but on the whole I'm glad I got to spend the afternoon with the girls and the show that was so heartfelt. I saw interviews from people leaving the theater who said they were a little sad and I couldn't understand why. I think I know now. At least for me I went through so many emotions during the movie from joy and laughter to sadness and yes of course tears. (I probably would have cried a lot more if I wasn't in public.) There is a lot of ups and downs in this movie yet you leave with that sense of hope which is something that I always loved about the show.

Trivia: I think my favorite episode of the show is when Miranda gets married and Samantha tells them all that she has cancer. Favorite guy? Well while Big is quite dashing and how can you not love Aidan, I think my favorite guy is Harry. Or maybe Aidan. It's a toss up.

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