Pick up the Pace

I started keeping track of the new books I was reading for 2008. After hanging out with the bibliophile I really wanted to make a concerted effort to not re-read as much and to read more new books. Halfway through 2008 I can say my efforts have been..... lackluster. I still re-read books, especially when I'm stressed or upset. That will probably never change, but I haven't been reading that many new books either. In fact I'm on the track of about one new book a month which is pitiful. I always thought of myself as a reader, but the kind of reader I picture reads way more than one book a month.

Enter Put Things Off. Today the website had this post: The Challenge: Read One Book A Week. It is a really great article and I highly recommend it. But this is what really stood out to me.

How many hours a week do you currently spend online? Scary, isn’t it? Are you actively working and playing in that time, or just screwing around? My guess is that we could all swap a little online time for some hours offline with a good book.

It’s time to phase-out idle mouse clicking, passive TV watching, and mindless game playing for something that’s genuinely worth doing.

This IS me. I'm very bad about the idle mouse clicking and I've gotten worse this summer. Constantly checking email, circling back to the same two or three websites (Twitter, Flickr), the TV playing in the background. I don't want to be so tied to the computer. I know that part of it is a need to connect to people, to be part of a community, but I don't like becoming dependent on it. I'm never really part of the community anyway, more standing on the outskirts, and I don't want my self worth or image to be wrapped up in whether people email me, leave me comments or reply to me.

Wow that took a left turn. All this to say that this is an excellent article and I'm really going to try to pick up the pace on my reading while at the same time breaking myself of the mouse click habit. Hopefully new books will start going up on my list at a quicker rate. Luckily I have a trip to Half Price Books planned for tomorrow!

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