Further Tales of the Neurotic Cat

The cat and I went to the vet today. It seems to me that her hair pulling is getting worse, although it could be because I am home to see it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't something other than the previous diagnosis which was either food allergy or just plain neuroses. The vet was someone I hadn't seen before and she was very nice. She basically gave Gypsy a routine check and it all looks clear for the same two items. She offered me some options which included anti-psychotic drugs (haha... I won't take them for ME, I'm not giving them to my cat), Benadryl that I'd have to give her twice a day for two weeks, shots, etc. The last time though that I had her on the specialty diet she never stopped pulling even after five weeks. I really think it is that she is neurotic. We'll see.

I will be changing her food because she really needs to lose some weight. The last time I was there the doctor told me that it also stresses them out when they get big and can't groom the way they want to. She is just too heavy. So how do you get a cat to lose weight? Atkins! In other words take them off the dry food. That is in fact all that my cat eats. She would get a can here and there early on, but when she was diagnosed with IBD they told me to get off canned. So we will try it and see. If the diarrhea starts again I'll go back to the dry. I haven't bought canned in ages. It will be a whole new world.

By the way people come by here every single week searching for answers as to why their cat is pulling their hair. I wish I could help you guys out! Get the cat checked at the vet and then look at diet issues. And buy a heavy duty vacuum cleaner.

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