Brave the Fizz

This may look innocent enough, but this little ball will be a test of my bravery. Years ago I used to get bath products as gifts from my mom and especially my aunt. She used to live in Houston, still has exquisite taste and knew where to buy all these wonderful things. I think she still knows more about Houston than I do and she hasn't lived here for about five years. Of course she lived here 40 years before that.

One Christmas I got these wonderful big blocks of french milled soap. It smelled wonderful and was great to use. I started with a dark green block and went through that with no problem. The second block I used was white. I remember riding on a school bus with students when it dawned on me that I had been itchy for a few days and thinking that my skin looked a little red. I thought maybe it was the clothes I was wearing, but by that weekend I had full blown hives all over my body and I had to go to one of those emergency weekend places in Deer Park. I'm sure you can see where this is going. After talking to my doctor about any changes in my routine (the soap was the only thing) he said that was probably it. I had to get a shot in the bum (first and only time ever) and take a whole dose of medication, but more importantly I was miserabe rashy and itchy with hives for days. He told me to stick to plain old generic Lever and I used that for years. Now I've changed to Dove.

I have been very afraid ever since to try any kind of fancy bath product which is sad because I love that stuff. I would love to go to Bath Junkie and experiment to my hearts content. I'm sure my family would love to be able to share their love of the same kind of products with me. At one point my aunt said her husband had a reaction to the soap as well, but this was years afterwards and I'm just not sure if we were talking about the same one. I take my own soap when I go out of town because I would rather not have a reaction on the road. Every time I think about being brave I remember how miserable I was and I realize that it is not worth it. The thing is I do not have an allergy to perfume. I love perfume (Opium is my favorite) and I wear it all the time. In fact I collect perfume bottles! I do not however use perfumed body wash or lotions.

So today I found myself in front of the bath salts, soaps and fizzy balls and that longing feeling began again. I have taken bubble baths since then but I used one for sensitive skin. So if I can work up to it, I'm going to try this little ball. My rationale is that it took about a week of using the soap before I had a reaction. Maybe I can use things like these balls or bath salts every once in a while and stick with Dove the rest of the time. We will see. It may be the start of a whole new fragrant world.


Boom De Yada