Wrestling with the same issues as always. I feel like my online identity is spread over way too many websites. Photine, Flickr, Bayou City Wanderer, sometimes even this blog. Where do I train people to go to find me? Where is my identity?

I wish that I knew enough coding to do a website like Rion. I think my photography style would fit that design very well and I would be able to tell more of my stories. Right now I'm limited to the photoblog system I'm using to tell one picture a day. I thought that putting the leftovers and other stuff on Flickr and having the Bayou City Wanderer would help ease some of this, but tonight that just feels like another piece of me spread out. And I'm always conflicted about Flickr. The stronger that my Flickr identity becomes the weaker my photoblog becomes at least in my mind. And I don't want to weaken my photoblog.

Then there are those people that walk away and do something completely different. That's a tempting and scary thought. I'm not sure if the Photine brand is all that strong that it would really matter. I don't really have that many visitors. But if I broke off and did something new (new content management, new design, new home, new style, new something) I would lose all the links that I have out there, at least links to individual pages.

I wonder if this is just my two year restlessness. Kind of like the seven year itch, but in blogging years.

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