Otherwise known as dentist day, more specifically orthodontist day. First up though a trip to the regular dentist to get some more of my cavities taken care of. It was much easier this time than last time. I was surprised when he was finished. And I had time to think these completely random thoughts

-- Journey is not good music to listen to when you are nervous. It almost becomes sugary sweet which isn't good on a nervous stomach.
-- What would cause someone to want to be a dentist?
-- Am I the only one that keeps their eyes closed? I shut my eyes once they start moving the light and don't open them again until he tells me to sit up.
-- I wonder what other people think about when they are sitting in the chair.

This afternoon is my orthodontist consultation. I told someone that it was funny that I was more nervous about my consultation which is basically just a conversation than I was about getting actual dental work done. That is either progress or a peek into my messed up mind.

More later.

UPDATE: I did NOT have a good consultation with the orthodontist. He was nice and his staff was nice, but the news was bad. The words difficult case, three years, 8 to 12 months with big gaps in the front (missing teeth so I need to make space for the....), implants, and wisdom teeth removal were all used. As was $700 for next step and $9000 top limit which needs 25% up front. I don't have to tell you I don't have anything resembling that kind of money. I'm reeling right now, very upset, and am going to spend a lot of time in the next few days crying.

[tangent]Too bad I went to the grocery store and bought healthy snacks. I could really use a big pan of brownies right now instead of the raisins I've been munching on. [end tangent]

I don't know what I'm going to do. He doesn't really take insurance (they let insurance pay the patients back if I understand correctly) so maybe I need to find a new place. But finding a place that is nice and understanding and that will tell me the truth no matter how horrible it sounds up front is important too.

Whew, I really didn't think I was going to write all that. I will be holding things together the best I can so if you see me in the next few weeks please don't bring this up. It is one thing to write from behind a computer screen where I can cry freely as I type, it is quite another to talk about it in person.


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