I worked yesterday on a new design for the photoblog and I'm very happy with it. Redesigning for the photoblog is a lot harder than changing the design here. At Typepad I just go to the predesigned themes and click, click, click. That's why you never know what you are going to see when you arrive here. I change it with my moods.

I'm very fussy about the photoblog, and I do not know CSS so it makes it much harder. I've gotten a lot better at figuring things out, but it is still a lot of trial and error. Change is good though. I think it has a fresh clean look and is even more polished than my last template, which was more polished than the one before. Big thanks to Lorissa, Expressions mistress, for helping me with the final touches. I could never have had the polished look I wanted without her.

I'm still thinking about a name change, but I don't feel the urgency I did before. I feel like I can take my time if I decide to go ahead and do it. The funny thing is that people actually search for Photine now. Right now I'm just going to enjoy the new look and not worry about it. Something will come to me.


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