Toys 'R Us

Onesome: Toys--? Any new tech toys at your place? No? What would you like to have that is all sorts of "new and improved" and just hard to live without?

Well, since in the last few months I got a new computer, new phone and new wireless, a lot of my tech lust has settled down. I don't really need an iPhone 3G and don't want to pay the extra monthly fees anyway. My tech eyes have now turned towards the photography front. I would really like a new body (camera body, although a new body body wouldn't be bad). I've had my camera for 3 years now. If not a new body then maybe a new lens. I'm getting a bonus in October and depending on how much it is, I may use part of it towards that. I am still amazed that all these people can just go off and buy lenses and new equipment all the time. I wonder where I'm spending my money that they aren't. Or does everyone else really just make that much more than I do.

Twosome: 'r-- you ready for school to be in session again? Good grief, it's only July, but the Back to School sales have been in place for a few weeks now. Do you have a trinket you're planning on buying for yourself or the kids for this next year?

I know! There have been back to school commercials already and back to school displays in the stores. I don't have any plans for any big new things. I did buy a folder at Office Depot despite my irritation at back to school displays so early. It was very pretty and I was afraid that if I waited until later it wouldn't be there. Other than that the wildest I get is buying new pens and pencils.

Threesome: Us--? Nah, nothing fancy going on on this blog space. How about you: any changes planned on your site in the upcoming months?

I just did a big redesign at the photoblog, so that's probably it for my big site changes. As I discussed I can change things over here with the click of the button so that's kind of on going depending on my mood. The only other thing on my change plate is my ongoing yes/no debate about Twitter.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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