Ok, so I'm six years behind, but curse Fox for canceling this show. For not giving it a chance in the first place by playing the shows out of order and preempting at the drop of a hat. Can you believe this? The order the shows were aired in the US were 2-3, 6; 7-8, 4-5, 9; 10, 14, 1; with 11-13 unaired. (!)

And even though I love television (I think even more than movies) curse the television viewing public in general that keeps stupid, mindless shows on the air while letting smart, good television slip away (I'm still upset about Journeyman). The world in this show is rich with detail, the characters have depth and the stories are funny and touching. The only silver lining is that I started watching the series knowing that it was short lived. I didn't realize how short lived, however, until I was watching the latest Netflix arrival today and discovered that I had come to the end. I look forward to catching up with the movie and glad I can now join the Browncoats.


Half Blood Prince

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