This, That and the Other

I went out night shooting last night with a group of people from Flickr. I had a good time although I was frustrated at several points with the photography part. It seems like my camera was fighting me. I had problems with the focus, with the remote, with the exposure. I'm not sure if it is because I was talking with the people around me and not really focusing on what I was doing or if it was just one of those nights. It certainly makes a difference when you are with a group of people. The museum area is relatively safe and I'll probably go down there again, but I'm always more jumpy when I'm by myself at night and it seems that the guards of the various institutions don't want to bother a big group of people.

Before I went out yesterday I potted my new plants that I bought on Tuesday. I tried buying plants last year and I was not successful in keeping them alive. I pretty much ignored my patio after they died in the fall so it was not a pretty sight. It floods easily so I had bricks in place to help stop that, but I think they make the patio more gunky. I moved the bricks, scrubbed some of the patio and potted the plants. I was dirty and sweaty after that, but today it is nice to look out at my semi-nice patio. I still need to work on cleaning the cement some more, but it is a huge step in the right direction. Now the impossible mission. Keeping the plants alive!

I have solved my Twitter problem, at least for now. I'm starting fresh with a new account and I'm not following any local people (except one). I'm obviously not mature enough to follow local people because I get my feelings hurt when I'm ignored and not part of the in crowd. This also takes the pressure off of me, because sometimes people get ticked if you don't follow them but they follow you or you start following them and then stop, etc. I know I shouldn't care whether people like me or not or are mad at me or not, but I do. All of that hassle has now been eliminated. This is taking Twitter back to the way it was for me when I started. Using it for myself and following a handful of interesting people around the net.

I think my mother is starting to realize how lucky she was. We talked today and she has a friend that comes to her house in the afternoon because she probably won't get her electricity back on for a few more days. Mom hasn't really ventured out into Harlingen yet other than trying to go to the grocery store. She said the Wal-Mart still doesn't have refrigeration and was having to throw out cases of food. The news shows many homes in Rio Hondo that are still under water and of course you can't turn electricity on until the water goes away. The Valley will be cleaning up for a very long time after this hurricane. The island was hit especially hard.

And finally I am very happy to see that I made Top Comments of the Week at Swamplot.


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