An evening walk

Day 1 of my convention is done and I'm getting ready to start day 2. I spent most of yesterday exhausted because I did not sleep well Wednesday night. I still managed to walk around the downtown area for around an hour yesterday evening. And can you believe by the time I got back at 9 pm it was still 90 degrees! No wonder I was so thirsty. On with the photos...

This is how I spend most of the days at this convention.
Singing through new music selections hoping to find something that will work
for my students

The Alamo is steps from my hotel. In the background you can see the
Emily Morgan hotel.

At the Alamo.


I love these old fashioned neon signs and this was a unique light I saw on my wanderings.

I am only posting one mirror project even though I said I was trying to do two. I think
this is one of the reasons I don't do those challenges where you have to take a
picture each day for a month, etc. It may work for some people but for me it
just feels forced and makes me fall back to unimaginative photos. I basically was
just looking for straight forward mirrors just to get it done and that isn't what I
really want. I like when it comes naturally and is not forced.

I have been on a smoothie kick lately. Unfortunately I discovered last night that a
so-so smoothie is a frustrating thing. You keep drinking it hoping it will get better,
but it doesn't. But I like the sign.

And finally ending with two more views of my hotel. The night shot view would definitely have
benefited from a tripod, but I still wanted to share it.


Road Trip