Well I'm back in Houston and just wanted to wrap up my trip journals. I didn't really take any pictures on Friday. After my sessions were finished I drove to San Marcos to meet my college friend for dinner.

It is always strange for me to go back to San Marcos. The college years are supposed to hold this mystical time in people's lives and for a lot of the people who surround me at work, that also went to San Marcos, it does. They talk about San Marcos with this wistful tone and some go back regularly.

I don't have those memories. In fact I feel like I hardly have any memories at all. As I was driving through the town it occurred to me that I really just existed in college. I made no impact, had very few friends (my dinner date being the exception) and just went to class and back to my dorm room. In fact I don't feel like I really started living until just recently when I finally started going out and doing things the last few years. I wish I still didn't have to live my life by myself, but at least I'm getting out there and doing things instead of hiding in my home. I think I was lucky to go to San Marcos, because it is a beautiful place and has a small town feel. I just wish I had actually "lived" there.


An evening walk