Star Struck

I was laughing so hard that there were tears coming to my eyes when I read this post by Wil Wheaton.

Why? Because that is exactly how I will react if I ever get to meet him. I actually haven't met a celebrity (except getting Leonard Nimoy to autograph a book at the museum), so I can't say 100% how I would react meeting a famous person. But there are a least two people where I *know* I will be reduced to a blabbering, blithering idiot. I have a hard enough time trying to leave comments on their blogs that don't sound like I'm rambling.

Wil Wheaton - We are the exact same age. TNG is my favorite of all the Star Treks. I was NOT in the "Die Wesley Crusher" fan club. I admit it. I had a crush on him. What do you want from me, I was a teenager? But the Wil Wheaton of today is even better. An amazing writer and a thoughtful, intelligent, caring person. I can feel my insides churning as I write this because I know I would be such a mess and embarrass myself.

Rion Nakaya - Not a celebrity, but one to me nonethless. Hands down my favorite photoblogger. I think if I met her I would be afraid to say something uncool and just wouldn't say anything at all. Or my brain would freeze. Or I'd do that nervous laugh that makes people sound crazy, you know the one I mean? I get nervous just thinking about it. Good thing I won't find myself in Paris anytime soon.

How about you guys? Do you have that one person out there that you know will cause you to lose your cool?

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