Let's begin

The opening ceremonies were spectacular. There is hardly anything I can do to really describe them. Usually there are always parts of an opening ceremony that I find boring or over the top modern/strange, but every element of this ceremony was beautiful. I am very impressed and I think it will be a very long time before it is topped. Here are some photos from the opening ceremonies.

I really wanted to say how cool NBC's online coverage is. You can get to their TV and online schedule here. They have a lot of offerings and you can even watch 4 feeds at once and swap things around very easily. I will be happy if I can get this running at work since next week is a slow week. I have a feeling I will be watching a lot of TV/online coverage for the next two weeks (and that makes me happy). So far tonight after the ceremonies I've watched a little badminton, sabre and road racing. Let the games begin!


Looking Back