Looking Back

Want to hear something HILARIOUS? I've been playing with the Wayback Machine trying to lock down my blogging/photoblogging anniversaries and I ran across this which I wrote in March of 04. I was answering one of the Thursday Threesome questions:

Twosome: Design-- Do you do your own design work for your site? ...and if not, where are you finding templates you like?

I am on TypePad for my blog and use their design tools. I organized the layout of the page and picked out the colors. I spent hours fiddling with colors and ideas, but now that I have it the way I want it will probably stay that way forever.

FOREVER. Bwhahahahahaha..... if you are a regular viewer you know that I change templates at the drop of a hat. In fact looking at the pretty cornflower blue of my old site I'm getting an itch. That is the funniest thing I've read. I wonder what other treasures I'll discover.

Oh and get this, my first day of blogging*** looks like it will be February 29, 2004. I'm a leap year baby!

***I had one earlier, but it only lasted a few days and then I quit.

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