The Olympics

Time for me to head to bed, but not before I say that today is the start of the summer Olympics in Beijing. Hooray! Something you may not know about me is that I am a very patriotic person and the Olympics feed that passion. I get misty eyed when I hear the patriotic music or watch a patriotic ceremony.

I have watched the Olympics all my life. I remember watching it in elementary school in our tiny shack of a house. My mom and I would hole up in the kitchen in the winter, with our one space heater, and I distinctly remember watching ice skating on a black and white TV. We actually got the NBC Triplecast for the Barcelona Olympics in 92. We went and got a special box for our TV that allowed us to watch three channels worth of coverage. People made fun of Triplecast, but it was so wonderful to be able to watch so many of the events live as they were happening. It was well worth it and Barcelona ranks as one of my favorite Olympics and is still my favorite lighting ceremony (video below).

It is going to be difficult to watch Beijing since they are so far ahead, but I will turn on NBC every night and watch their coverage. I haven't investigated their online offerings too much yet, but I will. You can call me a sap or roll your eyes at me, I don't care. Actually, that's not true. I do care. I don't understand those that must constantly tear things down. If you don't like it please keep it to yourself, at least on this blog. I love the ceremony, the pageantry, the sappy stories. I love the Olympics.

UPDATE: Whoa, I found this press release that details the coverage. Looks like I would have plenty of choices to watch if I didn't have this pesky thing called work.


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