Wake Up

If I had been blogging each day I could have written interesting little anecdotes about this past week. How I've been on a quest to redecorate my office and finally realized no matter what I do it will look like an office. How we have been ahead of the game at work and it feels really good. How I've come home each night and (this will sound familiar) sat on the couch and watched the Olympics while my house gets messier and messier. How I've tried to take advantage of tax free weekend, but only came away with two pairs of shoes. But I haven't been blogging really or catching up on emails or clearing my news reader. I've done nothing. Now that swimming is over and gymnastics is winding down I think I will actually be able to tear myself away from the TV long enough to put a plate away and do some laundry. At least I hope so.

So I've decided instead to tell you about the strangest thing that my cat does. She always wakes me up if I fall asleep with the light on. Now that may sound really specific and it IS. She will come over to the bed and start scratching on it and if the covers are hanging down pull on them and every once in a while she'll meow too. But she ONLY does it when I fall asleep with the light on. Not when I read for a long time with the light on. Not when I turn the light off and go to sleep. Not when I take a nap in the afternoon. Only when I fall asleep with the light on. Weird.

That was anticlimatic, huh. Oh well. Off to watch some more Olympics and hopefully clean something.

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