Office Space

This morning I went downtown to participate in the Worldwide Photowalk. Photowalking is my natural photography style anyway so this was a natural. After that I headed to work to finish getting things ready for Monday. Since I had my camera with me I decided to take some pictures of my new and improved office space.

This will not look very exciting, but there is only so much I can do with the space. I have seen several very cozy offices at the administration building (I'm looking at you Tammy!) and while I would love to have such space it just isn't possible. This is however SO much better than it was.

I rearranged the space and it feels more roomy than it did before. The bulletin board used to show the cork which is dark maroon and had various things related to my interests on it. You can see the old board here.

Office Space 1

I decided to change things up this year. I covered the bulletin board in green fabric and used some brown ribbon for border. I then put up some of my photos. My hope is to change them throughout the year, but who knows if I'll ever get around to that. I have some photos in my apartment and I just now changed them after two years. I then went shopping for something to put up on that big empty wall above my computer. I found this canvas print at Target and while it isn't very big, the colors are perfect.

Office Space 2

Looking the other direction, I added a bulletin board (because I really needed one after all!) and have a few of the things from the old bulletin board. On the left is my diploma which has been sitting on a shelf for years because I never had a good place to put it and a plaque from America Sings which my students participated in the last time it was in Houston. I bought two plants for the office and I am crossing my fingers that they make it. I promised them I would bring them home if they started suffering. My desk is this clean because I want to walk in on the first day of school to an organized office.

On the wall opposite the diploma is a storage cabinet and file cabinet where the other plant lives. I hope this improvement in my work space will help make this a more relaxed year. The bells ring on Monday.


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