Ready or not

I'm a perfectionist. I've always known that peripherally, but it isn't something that I really like to admit. I look at the traits of a perfectionist and I see a list of things that I don't want to see but that I can't deny like low self esteem and obsessive controlling behavior. Perfectionists bring on a whole host of problems onto themselves and that isn't something that I really want to do. But I really can't deny that I have definite perfectionist traits.

The latest issue to force this awareness is a change for my photoblog. I have moved from Expressions to Pixyblog. I have spent this weekend tirelessly poring over the blog, customizing templates, fussing over the tiniest details trying to have everything ready for new postings today (and to distract myself from matters of the heart). But everything isn't quite perfect and I'm trying to be ok with that. I have to remind myself that it is ok to be a work in progress. It is ok to finish polishing the site in the next few weeks. Otherwise the poor administrator is going to jump out a window from my 1001 questions (not really, he's been very nice).

So whether they are ready or not stop by my now twin photoblogs and take a look. Er... except if you use IE because they don't work there. Breathe. Work in progress, work in progress, work in progress... (chant, chant, chant).

Update: I am so jazzed! Check out the badge on the left. It will update with photos from the photoblog. That is SO cool. It has been available on Flickr forever, but I haven't been able to use it before with my photoblog. Loving Pixyblog.

Update 2: Ok, I think everything is sorted out. I would love if readers here would stop by and kick the tires on the new websites. Please feel free to poke around, click links and see if you can find any other problems. Some features I would like to point out which I think are so cool. I love the navigation between the two websites in the navigation bar. It really makes it feel ok to have the two separate photoblogs since they are so tightly integrated. Notice also that you can switch the style from light to dark on both photoblogs so whatever your preference is you can have at it. Galleries have RSS. The Photine templates has a camera settings link which you can pull up my EXIF information and it also shows up in the archives. Tags, search, latest comments on the about page. So many little details. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my photoblogging career.

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