Greenwaste Disposal Facility

For The Back Porch

Onesome: Greenwaste-- containers: we're using full sized 'toters' (those cans the trunks can automatically dump); are you using anything special in your city? Does anyplace in the US still let you burn leaves in the Autumn?

I think the city uses those cans, but since I live in an apartment complex, I use an old fashioned dumpster.

Twosome: Disposal-- systems for electronics: out here in CaliLand you just can't 'dump' the old computer or stereo with the trash; they need to go to an 'electronics recycling center'. Do have anything like that where you are?

Umm.... I'm not sure. I still have my old cell phone sitting on my end table because I know I shouldn't throw it in the trash, but I haven't taken it in to AT&T yet for disposal. In case you haven't heard Houston was recently in the news for having a horrible record in recycling. Something my assistant is trying to change single handedly by making all of us in the music area recycle everything possible.

Threesome: Facility--, facilitate, faculty, faculties... Do you ever get any of those a little mixed up? Just curious...

No, I keep those separate. The one that I really have to think about is conscience and conscious. I mean it looks obvious, and looking at it now it IS obvious, but I have to think extra hard each time I use them especially when I'm saying self conscious. Conscious right?

PS. It's great that today is already Thursday. Thank you Labor Day!

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