5:20 p.m. I'm going to shelter in place for Ike. I went shopping last night and filled up my car with gas. This evening I need to do some laundry and dishes and basically just straighten up the house. I'll post here as the next few days unfold, electricity willing. You can also follow my Twitter page for more updates.


9:40 p.m. I've finished almost everything I had on the list. Still need to run the dishwasher, put the batteries in the radio and bring the plants in from the patio, but I will wait until tomorrow to do that. Now it is just sit and wait. And wait. And wait. And wonder if next week will be the first week that I will miss posting to the photoblog in a LONG time. I don't really have anything ready to go and I'm just not in the mood to post from the archives.

I have been sick all week, but I would say that I'm getting better. Except now that I'm mostly finished for the evening I feel wiped out all of a sudden. I guess I was determined to get everything done. I will be very happy to sleep in tomorrow.

10:40 p.m. I said it before and I'll say it again. I love Bill White. If he runs for governor I will seriously consider volunteering for the campaign office.

7:30 a.m. Good morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in with that wonderful feeling you get from having a day off from work. Instead I had a fitful sleep with coughing fits and then my brain seized on some memories that I would rather not dwell on and decided that it would be fun to bring them front and center. So I gave up on sleep and am now up watching the news. I'd like to go out and take some pictures of my neighborhood, but I don't want to lose my parking space. We'll see. For those of you in Texas with cable you can catch the KHOU news feed on Texas Cable News. Outside of Texas khou.com is streaming their coverage. It's funny, but I have been a KTRK girl forever, but something about their coverage has turned me off and I have been watching KHOU since last night.

9:00 a.m. I'll admit that I'm starting to get scared. I worry about the flooding since a tendril from Galveston Bay runs through the neighborhood and is about a block from my apartment. Then I worry about the wind because I don't have plywood up. I live in an apartment so no one does. But then I remind myself that I am not in a mandatory evacuation zone and looking around I see that there are a lot of cars still in the apartment complex so it seems like a lot of people are staying.

2:50 p.m. It's kind of weird. I almost feel like I'm detached watching some city far away that has no connection to me. I see these huge waves crashing on the Galveston seawall and flooding already beginning in Galveston, Seabrook, Kemah, Clear Lake, etc. and I look out the window and it is overcast with an occasional breeze. It doesn't seem possible that I live only an hour from Galveston. There is going to be SO much damage to Galveston, it is stunning to watch. I didn't visit the city nearly as much as I should have. Shame on me.

6:25 p.m. I'm worried much more about my apartment flooding than I was earlier in the day. I live near Greens Bayou and if you have been watching the news you have seen that it is already flooding a motel in the area even though it hasn't rained a drop. It STILL hasn't rained. I keep telling myself that my apartment complex didn't get flooded in Allison when large sections of this area did get flooded. I am really holding on to that for all its worth. The only other thing I need to worry about is something flying through my windows. The wind is finally consistently blowing. The waiting is the hardest part.


Laundry Day