You get one guess

Guess who has internet! And TV! And phone! Guess who is blissfully happy this evening.

You only get one guess.

But, something new. I will be shopping for a new TV because mine has decided to go very black. Sigh. I have the money in savings, but it isn't something I planned on doing anytime soon. And now I have to research. I think a 28" would be perfect, but apparently they come in 26" or 32".

Even that can not dampen my smile as I finally get to watch the evening news.

UPDATE: I am now the proud owner of an LG 26" LCD TV. Wheee! I set things up, got the connections going and was confused looking at, well frankly, not a good picture. I had read that the picture is disappointing on non-HD channels, but this was beyond that. It was just bad. Normally I research something for months, so being forced to do only a few days of research, I wondered if I had made a bad mistake. But then, THEN, I hit the magic button. The one setting that I hadn't set correctly and BAM. The change in picture was amazing. AMAZING. I haven't stopped smiling since. TV is back and better than ever. I can't wait to really see some shows that show off HD.

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