Fairy Tales

Well I finished book three of the Twilight Series, Eclipse. I am really enjoying it, but another part of me wonders if I should ever have started reading it in the first place. I knew that I would have this reaction from the little bits that I heard about the book and that is why I hesitated for so long to read it, but what else was there to do for a week with no internet or TV.

The problem is that Edward, the main love interest, is a perfect realization of my ideal man. Well except that whole vampire thing. Gentle, protective, passionate, and here is one you don't run across too often, old fashioned. I roll my eyes sometimes at his pronouncements of love, but a.) what can you expect from a book targeted at teenage girls and b.) I can't deny that those kind of phrases haven't floated across my daydreams. And that's the problem isn't it? No man exists in the real world that is like Edward, yet my heart longs for that. I want the dream, the fairy tale, the prince charming, but he isn't out there and that makes me sad this evening. I'll get over it as I always do when I come face to face with reality.

Tomorrow I will buy the last book in the series. I hope I like the way it wraps up.


You get one guess