I finished the Twilight series this evening. Or I guess I should say this morning. I really love finding books that so completely engulf me. Books that are page turners and sweep me away with their story. Books where I look up and realize that three, four, five hours have passed since I started reading. This doesn't happen to me as often as I would like and it doesn't happen to me with every book I read. I am always on the search for the books that will pull me in this way. As I look over the list of books that have drawn me in, I see some similar characteristics. They all are very easy reads. They allow me to escape my world and be pulled into their rushing torrent of narrative. They are light hearted and not heavy. They do not have long endless passages of description, paragraphs of angst filled prose, heavy sex scenes or heavy violence. I'm sure that says something about me, I'm just not sure what (prude, boring, square, shallow).

The interesting thing to me is that all the books that have pulled me in, except for one, are series. And the one exception is actually a series too, but I just haven't read any of the follow ups. I have been thinking about this lately with my constant re-reading of Nero Wolfe and my absolute love for television as opposed to movies. I think that I like the familiar. When you read a book series or watch a television series you get to the know the characters, the world, the environment. There is a sense of familiar which the stories then build from. I am drawn to that. I like getting to know characters and then read about their different adventures. I'm not sure what that says about me either, but I'm sure it is just as fascinating (or confirms my boringness).

I have bookcases in my living room as well as my bedroom and of course more books stashed in storage. I just realized while writing this post that most of the books in my living room are my books that are series. I always put my favorites in the living room, but it is funny that they have that connection. For the curious some of my favorites are:

Harry Potter
The Belgariad / The Malloreon,
Myth Adventures
The Aborhosen
Nero Wolfe
The Twilight Saga
Dave Barry (non fiction)

None of them are earth shattering, nothing deep and philosophical. No nobel prizes among them. Half are young adult series, probably because they focus on pushing the story forward without all that pesky introspection and complication that "grown up" books are required to contain. Just my personal escapes from the every day world. The saddest part about finishing a good series is knowing that you won't be able to spend time in that world with those characters any more. Now on to reading this and that until I discover my next great series.

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