I've been neglectful of this blog lately, I know. It just doesn't seem like anything interesting is happening and I'm usually too tired to try to form complete sentences. I said recently on Twitter that my twitters were so boring because my life was so boring. Sad but true. It revolves around work right now and I never had much social life to speak of anyway.

I would have thought that canceling our concert would have made things easier, but it really hasn't. With a concert/contest or other performance we have a clear and definite goal and deadline in mind. Without it the classes seem unfocused and out of sorts. I stayed very late at work last night (like 8 pm ..... yes on a Friday, ugh!) trying to reorganize myself. I ran across some papers that showed me how on top of things I was before Ike. Lesson plans, concert programming, paperwork. I was on top of everything. Ever since Ike it has been playing catch up and just trying to fly by. I hope last night's late session will help me get back on track. My students have an individual contest coming on November 1st. I'm pushing myself pretty hard for that turning every work day into a minimum of ten hours. I hope I can hold it together two more weeks before having a break down. My stress levels at work are pretty high right now.

One casualty of that showed up this morning. Horrible, HORRIBLE, crick in my neck. It hurts and I can't turn very well to the right. My Flickr group is having a meet-up this afternoon so that should make walking around taking pictures an interesting exercise. I'm going to be like some robot that can only look forward and has to turn their whole body to adjust positions. Part of me finds it comical, the other part of me says ouch.

Oh and one final thing. I joined Goodreads to see if it will help kick start my reading. I've been thinking about it a lot since my last post on Series. I see that it is going to be very easy to start adding books to my to-read list and that is a good thing (or bad depending on my wallet).

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