Check in with the Checklist

It's been about six months so I decided to check in with my checklist that I started right after my birthday. The results are a little depressing.

1.) Pay off my credit card - I thought I would definitely be done by April, but I don't think so. Credit cards are evil. Having to buy a new TV didn't help. I'm not sure what the new target date is going to be. Will depend on my tax refund.

2.) Buy a new camera body - Well with the credit card payment not going as well I'm not so sure about whether I will be able to do this by April 25th. I hear rumors of another stimulus package and I may decide to use it for that although I'm very, very tempted to get a 10-20mm lens. Or put it all towards my credit card. Again, that will depend on where my credit card balance is.

3.) Sell a photograph - Bah. Not happening.

4.) Enter at least 5 "call for entries" - I've entered one so far and will be entering another one before December. I think this goal may actually be accomplished by the deadline.

5.) Take a photography class - This shouldn't be so hard to do, but I have to find a class that is going to be interesting to me. Nothing overly technical as I'm more interested in the compositional aspect. I haven't really looked around yet.

6.) Participate in at least 3 5K fun walks - I had such grand plans for this. Walking was going to become a way of life. I had a chart and schedule and everything. This is the hardest thing for me to do, especially when work is the way it is now and I'm only have about 4 hours of downtime each night.

7.) Go on a date - Haha.... I know I really meant this when I wrote it but I feel so far from even the glimmer of this goal it is depressing. I think it would be better for my sanity to cross it off completely.

8.) Take some road trips around Texas - Money is tight, as it is for all, so I'm not sure how feasible this is. I may be able to do something during Spring Break so we will see.

9.) Grow my viewership on my photoblog by 100%. - I'm well on my way to this one. The move to Pixyblog has really reenergized my commitment to my photoblog and I enjoy promoting it because I know people will see a beautiful, polished product. About 1/2 of any given month my viewership has increased by 100%. I think this one is the most achievable.

10.) Ride a bike - This one is so whimsical I have to do it. Have to!

11.) Go out shooting with someone new every few months.- Haven't done this at all. In fact I've retreated from the online community in the last year or so. Not sure what's going to happen.

It seems that I was in such a positive place when I created this list and I am in such a non-positive place right now. I think some of that has to be the sheer exhaustion from the intense work schedule. Hopefully my outlook will improve after November 1st.

It's the most wonderful time of the year....