It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Nose Dive

From Wings Over Houston, 2007.

Airshow Brain Dump:

For some reason I was so much more into it on Sunday than Saturday.  I felt better and my photos were WAY better.  In fact I haven't even looked at them yet, but I know that my photos were better.

All pilots are good looking.  I hate to generalize but there it is. Usually swagger is a complete turn off, but for some reason the pilot swagger is different.  And pilots in official uniforms like the Thunderbirds?  Whew.

I need to finally accept that my vision is wide angle.  I should always take my 17-50mm wherever I go and the only other decision should be whether I take anything else.  I felt so out of sorts on Saturday while walking around because I couldn't get the shots that I wanted because the angle wasn't wide enough.  I also really need to get a decent lens longer than 100mm.  I have a 200mm fixed Hoya that was given to me and it worked great last year, but I was fighting it all day Saturday.  But when I think about buying a new lens I think 10-20mm, not going the other way.

Normally I get to fully enjoy the airshow almost as a reward for finishing the major fall competition.  Thanks to Ike the competition is this Saturday instead.  I am worried about getting sick since I've been pushing myself so hard so I was extra careful about trying to take things easy.  One more week and it will all be over.

They had a P-38 Lightning there.  I haven't seen one since the airshows of my childhood.  What a beautiful, graceful plane.  This particular plane, Glacier Girl, has a fascinating history which you can read here.

I think I'm going to become a member of the Lone Star Flight Museum, which is funny because I've never been there.  It is one of those things I always meant to do, but never got around to.  I know they certainly could use my money now and I'd like to keep tabs on their progress.

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