November Hope

I think that the last remnant of Ike has just been hurdled and life can finally return back to normal.  It is amazing how disruptive changes in routine can be.  My students went to competition yesterday, two weeks after the normal scheduled time.  This may not sound like a lot, but it was an additional two weeks that the classroom was out of routine as students were pulled out to rehearse.  We had to do that as well as prepare for our Halloween party which was on Thursday.  Normally we have two weeks free and clear to get ready for the party after competition.  Add on top of that just the general sense of disruption from trying to reestablish routines after only being in school three weeks then out of school for two.  October was just a mess.

But I think that has now fallen behind me.  Competition is over (14 of my students made it, a new record, hooray!), we are starting to prepare for our winter concert and everything can return to a normal pace.  I can also get my life back.  I had rehearsals every morning 30 minutes before school started and every afternoon an hour after school.  Then at least once a week I stayed even longer for my football players who were trying out so they could practice after their afternoon football practice.  And I could never get as much work done during the day because I was constantly working with competition students.  All that is gone now.  And the cherry on top?  The switch from Daylight Savings Time.  

List of upcoming things to do:
Texans Game (if I have enough saved in my coin jar)

I think November is going to be a fabulous month.

Yes We Can

Back in the day...